Friday, May 19, 2017

Wishlist for my 22 birthday

Birthday wishlist

Hello, everyone, I will be turning 22 years old in a few month (August 14) and I felt like sharing some of my wishlists that I want for my 22 birthday because of people are posting on their post so why not? .

Miu Miu Cat eye sunglasses I love cat eye sunglasses I just find it bit retro with a modern classic that makes a go-to-look mix and match and still looking good from whatever you're wearing.

Olympus Pen E-PL8 I'm totally hooked up since I read a post by Loula Belle Rose where she gave an amazing review of her Olympus Pen E-PL7 (I only manage to find the Olympus Pen E-PL8).

Fujifilm pink polaroid  Okay, I know everyone every blogger and Instagrammer have a polaroid camera, I always want one for so long I don't really have much explanation.  

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eu Parfum   Oh! So fancy mon amis! I remember I had a small sample from some perfume store that I forgot the name of but Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eu Parfum is on my top list on getting it on my birthday the scent is soft yet sensual with a hint of berry (perhaps raspberry and strawberry?).

Agent Dale Cooper Funko   Those who knows I love Twin Peak and one of my favorite characters is Agent Dale Cooper he is just so cute and oh so dreamy, I wish he was my real boyfriend irl. 

How to be a Parisian: wherever you are: love, style, and bad habit  The title may sound cringing but I'm betting myself that this book is good I don't what is about exactly perhaps it a humor book since in many articles we always find on how to be a French woman.

Karl Lagerfeld Handbag I always love Karl Lagerfeld brands especially when he include his beautiful Persian cat Chaupette on his design it just so cute, what else I can say?

Wireless Cat Ear headphone  Every twice of the year I ask my mom if she can give me as a present the wireless cat ear headphone because hey it's cute and I love cats. I just wish to have if for quite awhile, perhaps I may finally have it

Marc Jacobs moon earrings    I have to admit if I ever had that kind of money to spend on an earring I would buy it in a heartbeat of the Marc Jacobs moon earrings I enjoy jewelry that have to do with stars, moon, sun and anything related to space and witchy stuff.

Coach Roccasin cut out sneaker   Since I found out about coach roccasin cut out sneaker I immediately fell in love when I saw it in a fashion magazine that I was reading a few months ago, what did my mom say to me? No. I don't blame her on that part but I like it either way.

Want to check more of my amazon wishlist? 
Feel free to check it out, here is the link to my Amazon wishlist 

It feels weird doing a birthday wishlist but hey, it's my blog I can post whatever I want.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Robota Project

Hello, everyone! I'm so excited to talk about a brand that I recently discover on Instagram!

Robota Project sells pin nd rings of the robot with different colors. Each robot has a different personality and name, how cute is that? With your purchase, you are helping them on donating to Greyhound and horse rescues.
I will be mentioning one of my favorite robots that I'm excited to get on my hand on and that is.....



Stardust is definitively one of my favorite robota since she is pink and her name is Stardust it makes me think about Ziggy Stardust from the one and only David Bowie. Stardust like all the Robota have a unique personality on Stardust case loves to have fun being spontaneous and makes a new friend. That is something I can relate aside the two things from Robota that I just mentioned.

All Robota rings size are 4-9 (adjustable) 
Lead and nickel free.
Use code: ROBOTAFRIENDS at the checkout for a $5 off with free stickers.

**Free US shipping**
                                                          ***They now ship worldwide***
To check out more of their product and story go to

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