Friday, June 16, 2017

Necromancy Cosmetica

Photographer by Jo Cosme
Hello, everyone, this past week has been hectic from working on an internship, dealing with the transcript to moving into a new apartment. About two weeks ago or so Necromancy Cosmetica had a grand opening of their store so I knew I had to mark down the calendar knowing that I heard that they changed their formula (or something like that) and I need to check out their store ASAP, their store is AMAZING.

To give a bit of information about Necromancy Cosmetica.
Necromancy Cosmetica is an indie cruelty-free brand made in Puerto Rico they sell artisanal lipstick from witchy nude to wild color they started about 3 years ago selling their lipstick on the internet, I think I discover them by one of my favorite YouTuber by Jkissamakeup when she mention they are from Puerto Rico I knew that I had to check them out so I end purchasing one of their lipsticks about a year ago [you can check it out here by clicking here]

I'm super impressed with their new packaging design, I love every single detail it shows a lot of improvement and I'm just completely in love with the sleeping macabre chick also kudos for the free stickers I'm a sticker collector.

What I purchased at their store is one of the best-selling Specter and oh no Nancy!  When I swatched at their store it was super smooth and less rough than the one that I purchased last year and their lipstick are bigger and more products than before, Also they got rid of that strong smell so whatever they did I'm impressed and I will definitively go to their store again it may be far away from where I live but the trip will be worth it.

I'm still super impressed on how much they changed from over a year from when I discovered them, details are always important to impress any customer, I love from their packaging to something simple yet catchy about their bullet lipstick design, I can't find any con so I will write pro.

- Cruelty-free
- Lot of lipstick color range
- Great customer services both online and store
- Super pigmented
- Decent price

5 out of 5
They left me a huge impression and I can't wait to buy more from them.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Merlot lipstick from Besame cosmetic [review]

Hello, everyone as some of you knows I love Besame Cosmetic that I'm slowly buying more of their products that I wrote two reviews of them (now three!) blood red and their infamous vintage mascara

This time I decided to purchase Merlot it a dark brown brick shade of red that is a true "replica" color of 1933. The lipstick finish with a semi-matte with a full coverage easy to apply, last long than an average bullet lipstick (Lime Crime doesn't count because they last like forever, but they don't have any resemble vintage color lipstick if you know what I mean.) I'm pleased again with their product right now it's one of my top 10 favorites lipstick to wear every day.

Top is Merlot and bottom is red blood
Both are similar since they follow the range of red shades but there are differences in both of them the red blood is more near on the red side than the merlot since the Merlot is more a  browner but it got a mix of red that falls in the category of the red shades.
Overall like I say I'm pleased with my new lipstick I will keep buying more of them (can you guys throw like a vintage lipstick holder??!!!) 
It does smudge a little so be careful when you are gonna eat or drink since you don't want lipstick on your chin.
                                                                   4.5 out of 5

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